Mobile Worker Payment Processing

Add Mobile Credit Card Swipe capability to your business and allow your customers to pay you through an online payment portal. Your funds are transferred
When your customers can view their payment history online it avoids time consuming communication.
 to your bank account on the next business day without a trip to the bank and you and your customer have a usable online history of your payments received. After signing up you will be given a login to My Mobile Worker where you can view payment history, and the status of payments from the web or your smart phone.
Allowing your customers to pay you with the convenience of web and mobile improves your business. Signup and begin accepting Card or e-Check payments within 24 hours! Money is deposited into your account next business day!  

Alternatively print out the sign up page and fill in your information and email to support@wepayonline.net

Why Choose Us Over Square and Paypal?

If you process over eight hundred dollars per month in credit cards and take payments "on the go" you should be looking for alternatives to the major "swipe ready" mobile apps.

Save Money

WePayOnline Mobile Worker:
Typed cards 3.0% + $0.00
Swiped cards 2.6%

(volume discounts available)

Typed cards 3.5% + $0.15
Swiped cards 2.75%

Typed cards 3.5% + $0.15
Swiped cards 2.7%

We have a 2.6% flat rate for accounts that process over $800.00 per month in credit cards. And by flat we mean flat, no other fees at all. We also have fully featured payment terminals that come with your account that can process recurring payments and phone payments at the same low rate for typed in card numbers.
For organizations that process tens of thousands of dollars per month the difference in our program really starts to show how different it is by putting thousands of dollars per year back into your bottom line.


For months that the total credit card processing is under $800.00 a prorated fee of $19.50 applies

Better Equipment

If you have ever watched someone swipe over and over and over again using a cheap swiper you know what an awkward and embarrassing moment it can be for the person swiping and the person waiting.
Not all swipers are created equal, and the ones you get for "free" with the higher percentage act just like what you would expect for free.
You are a business person doing over eight hundred dollars worth of credit card transactions per month and you don't want to wast time using a "free" tool.
WePayOnline Mobile worker uses the IDTECH Shuttle, we sell it to you for $35.00 after signing up, and it is a superior product when it comes to getting the swipe right the first time.
You are not obligated to use the swiper but as a professional this reduces your chance of mistakes key entering card numbers and makes your customer comfortable knowing the transaction is more secure.
compare swipers

Customized for Organizations

Want to allow electronic check transactions? We do that. Does your organization need extra fields for saved customers, special transaction types and tracking, special export of data or receipt emails? We do all that too!
Depending on the size of your organization the sky is the limit to how we can customize your app to suit your needs. For specifics email sales@wepayonline.net or call 1-312-239-0433

Personalized Customer Service

WePayOnline does not do payment aggregation, you will have a merchant account with us, and you will get to know your account manager who will be a U.S. based worker that knows the specifics of your organization.

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